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massage charlotte ncA HUGE hello and hug to all of you!

I am reminded how great you all are because so many of you have reached out to me during my sabbatical. I have been very busy trying to wrap things up in my personal and family life…it has taken a bit longer than originally anticipated. Most days I feel like my life moves at the speed of light, but I am happy to report that during my downtime, I realized there was an international chef inside of me anxiously waiting for an opportunity to seize the moment! I had no idea I would start a love affair with being in the kitchen, creating dishes from all around the world. I have also discovered a passion for gardening that totally caught me by surprise. Connecting to the earth and nurturing beautiful life reminds me what is good and right in this world.

Speaking of good and right, I am elated to tell you that I have married the love of my life! It is difficult to put love into words, but I will say that he defines a new standard of the meaning, and possibilities, of love for me. He has complemented my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined possible. He is a man of profound character. He is man of honorable morals. He is a man of strong integrity, principled ideals and honest convictions. He is a man of his word. Always. He is crazy intelligent. He loves worldly adventure. And, oh yeah, he is seriously the funniest guy I know! I truly love being married to him. He has a pure heart and a beautiful mind. He loves that I am compassionate. He loves that I am an independent thinker. He loves that I refuse conformity and the culture of status quo. He loves that, above all things, I value and seek truth in every single part of my life. Every day is an authentic experience with him, and I am sure our future will offer no less.

I know…I know…the question is WHEN will I reopen my practice? I am still figuring that out. It looks like this autumn or early winter. My mother has encountered some new health issues that I am helping her through, so I need to focus on family a little longer. I will keep you posted. There will definitely be some exciting surprises when I reopen my practice! In the meantime, know that I have been touched in such a positive way by each and every one of you and I truly look forward to seeing you again!

Namaste and be well. :)



massage charlotte nc
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massage charlotte nc